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This is the weddingplans update I just posted:

Hello I'm a little bit late for my 365 day out post (361 days) as Alex took me to Paris (France not Texas) for the weekend! It was a fabulous weekend and we had an amazing time, I can't wait for our honeymoon now.

Now on to the mega long progress post - loads of pics under this cut.Collapse )
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So today I went to Emma Roy and ordered my wedding dress (maggie sottero - samara). I also managed to inadvertently buy a tiara too (at 20% off)! *grin*

I'm really hyper and excited now I've actually bought some things for my big day. By the time it comes round (3rd Oct 09) the tiara will be my something old! spudtater loves the tiara He has also seen the dress and loves it too. I'm not doing well keeping it a secret.

It's a relief I got it ordered today, in time to get the 20% discount, as I'll be busy till the 24th when we're leaving for Switzerland to have Christmas at spudtater's parents.

Here are some pics, none of me in the dress though, as I'll have to wait 6 months to try it on!Collapse )

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Today spudtater, peerietrows and I went to the zoo.

We also managed to book our wedding there, and we have a date. We are getting married on the 3rd of October 2009!

Picture post to follow me thinks!

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Second appointment at the zoo tomorrow to see it all this time (one of the rooms was in use last Thursday). Am already writing down a list of things to ask. Anyone got any good ideas of questions to ask?

I'll attempt to get better photos of the inside too tomorrow, and maybe even try some food, if the resturant is open.

We are actually planning to book it as our venue tomorrow for the date of the 3rd October 2009, unless it is already booked for that day. Both spudtater and I freaked out a little when we actually decided on that date. It's a little bit scary this whole thing!

I'm about to phone my mother and tell her all of this. Eek!

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Since we got engaged in September we've been to many wedding fairs and viewed loads of venues. We decided that we'd love to get married at the old mansion house in the grounds of Edinburgh zoo. We went to view it today and it is gorgeous! It's exactly what we want.

The website: Edinburgh Zoo

They can handle our numbers and they have these huge bay windows with a fantastic view of the Pentlands (some of the 7 hills which surround Edinburgh). It's light and airy and it's décor is blue and white (fab - my colours are blue and purple with hints of silver and cream).

We will be having the ceremony and reception there and the grounds are lovely for photos there are loads of trees and plants and beautiful views. While the photos are being taken the guests who are not needed can wander round the zoo and see the animals! Great for the (few) kids coming during the day.

photos!Collapse )

X posted to weddingplans

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we viewed the point hotel (Bread St) last night as a possible wedding venue (keeping our options open). Wow it is simply stunning. What a fantastic view.

The penthouse is very modern with clean lines and is very sparkly. It is all self contained and has a remarkable capacity for somwhere that appears so small. I'm informed it can handle 150 at a push, but I'd not put more than 100 people in there. It's very classy and I could imagine a modern wedding there with canapes and cocktails and everyone milling around and "working" the room.

Not really what I had in mind for my wedding day. I'm looking for relaxation and laughter not chic and modern. I had a dream last night that a guest was dancing the gay gordons and slipped on the floor and crashed through the floor to ceiling windows and droped to their untimely death five floors below. Perhaps not the best place for dancing!

The price is affordable though! What's a little death if the canapes are cheap? =0D

I will have to sit down with the trusted calculator and devise a spreadsheet of all of the costs. As well as finnish off the guest list which is especially important for the reception, as I may have been mistaken on the zoo's 150 capacity at night.

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The zoo brochure finally arrived today. I'm really happy because I found out that it is only £7 per head more expensive than the back up hotel we had in mind. Also they cater for up to 150 guests.

*does a happy dance*

All we have to do now is view it on the 1st November with parents and decide if it will be the place we get married. EEK!

Then the fun starts with deciding a date...

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Hello little miss wedding co-orddinator at a venue I have decided to view. I am willing to spend several thousand pounds at your venue to host my wedding, the least you can do is make time for me to come and view your venue.

No, I cannot come when I am meant to be at work and I can make whatever time after 6pm but you are being rude insinuating that I can't be too interested in seeing the venue because I don't want to take time off my work. You are too busy to see me on the weekend no matter what time I can make it and you are also not happy about a viewing on a Sunday taking up the time of your precious duty manager when he could be doing more useful things (like say, bringing in thousands of pounds to your venue???).

No I will not phone you back with a specific date to see if by chance you can fit me in. I plan to spend several thousand pounds most of which is pure profit for you, so kindly treat me with some respect and don't make me loose my temper and rant about you.

Sorry, I hate people being rude to me for no reason.

Another venue off the list. If she's like that when you're trying to view the venue what would she be like arranging your wedding? *shudder*

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We went to see the MacDonald Holyrood Hotel today. It's a 4* hotel at the foot of the royal mile near dynamic earth and holyrood palace. Despite being 4* the wedding package is very cheap.

However it is also quite dowdy. It is desperate need of a make over which is planned, but possibly not till after we are planning to marry. Alex didn't like it very much. So I think it is off the list of possible venues. As is the Balmoral simply for the outrageous cost.

I finally (after about two hours of searching) came across photos of the interior of the zoo. It's actually our colour scheme! YAY! It also looks really lovely. However they might not accommodate all of our guests. The postmen are on strike so I haven't got the brochure yet. I'm hoping that I'll get it soon. Spud's mum is coming over in early November for her birthday so we are going to see the zoo then. I can't wait!

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Huma Hyder

Above is the website of the photographer we like. Tell me what you think of her work.


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